Wednesday, April 20, 2011

36 things list: 6 months to go

I love lists… so when I came across Michelle My Belle’s list of things to accomplish before her next birthday it really appealed to me. Sort of a short-term ‘bucket list’, right? Over the weekend I realized that I am six months away from my birthday so I thought it might be a good time to dust off that ’36 things to do before I’m 37’ list & see how it’s going.

Seven items have been “officially” checked off & there are several that are “in progress”. For instance, I have (34) encouraged people & (35) taken Maisy for more walks, but they haven’t been marked off yet. Maybe I feel like I haven’t done either quite as much as I should.

There are also a few that haven’t been accomplished, due in part to the fact that it is difficult to accomplish anything while paralyzed with fear. (30) Submitting something to an art magazine & (25) buying a fancy printer would definitely require movement in (at least) my arms.

The night before leaving on vacation, an hour after sitting down at my sewing machine to “quickly” hem some linen pants I found myself wondering if launching my new sewing machine out the 2nd story window would violate some sort of unwritten ‘birthday list’ rule. While I sat staring at the angry tangled knot of thread protruding from the bowels of that hateful sewing machine, I mulled it over… I would still be able to say that I did (11) get a sewing machine… it just might have met an untimely death before the end of the year. It would still count, right?

Don’t worry. I didn’t do it. The sewing machine is still sitting on a table in my studio. Clearly I still need it for (12)...
 Learn to sew.


  1. Yes sewing machines, much like computers, have minds of their own. I'm convinced!!! And I think you encourage people every single day so mark that one off missy!!!

  2. I'm determined to make friends with that sewing machine... And you are awfully kind!

  3. haha! sorry, i probably shouldn't be laughing about tossing your sewing machine out the window. but i totally relate! i would definitely mark those things off, you've accomplished them. :)
    keep at it, your list will slowly dwindle and you will feel good about the things that you DID accomplish. xoxo

  4. Michelle, I was originally fanasizing about drop-kicking the sewing machine out the window but realized that might lead to a trip to the E.R. Thanks so much for your encouragement... and my sewing machine thanks you too- you may have just saved it's wee little life. :)