Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tank tops & flip flops

I love that teeny tiny little crooked palm tree in the middle. It lives on a private island in Mexico.
There are so many things to love about vacations… no alarm clock, no phone, no email, no meetings. Wearing shorts, tank tops & flip flops. Being in the sun, or on a beach. Experiencing new places & finding all sorts of creative inspiration. My hands itch with creative inspiration.

Want to know the funny thing? Guess what always seems to be one of my very favorite parts of vacation? Coming home. (Clearly there is something wrong with me.) It’s actually pretty simple… as much as I love all of the things I just mentioned & as much as they all make me smile, even as I sit here typing far away from the nearest beach, walking in the door to my own home makes me so happy.

I also loved the colorful houses we spotted from the catamaran, although
I spent most of the boat trip to the island staring at the water.
Mexico was beautiful & I have the feeling I’ll be incorporating a lot of blue in my art in the near future. The color of the water in Cozumel is absolutely mesmerizing. I’m still convinced that if you dipped a hard-boiled egg in that water it should come out looking like the most amazing Easter egg on the planet.
By the way, in my last post I mentioned a Feature Art Friday post featuring Ron Burgundy. Let’s just say there was a little calendaring mishap & the vacation was actually scheduled a day longer than I previously anticipated. Oops! Ron Burgundy & his ‘in progress’ photos will be featured this Friday. (I really mean it this time…)

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