Wednesday, December 8, 2010

36 things to do before I turn 37

This project first came to my attention while I was knee-deep in reading art blogs back in the spring- when the thought of having a blog of my own still caused me to have heart palpitations. I saw Michelle Allen's list on her blog- I love her vibrant quirky art. How could I not participate in this project, especially when I realized that I share a birthday with such an amazing artist? It also doesn't hurt that I love to make a list.

Although mine is very much based on this new creative path that I have started on over the last 2 years, you could make one of these for anything that means something to you... things to do with your family, for instance. If you decide to make one, please share- I would love to see it. You could add a link to it in a comment or email it & I would very much enjoy reading it.

Judging by my tardiness in making my '36 things' list, I probably should have included something about ending procrastination, but it didn't make the cut this year. Maybe next year. :)


  1. i love your list Sherry! i will be working on my new one here over the holidays and will be linking to you. i might be stealing some of your ideas too!ha! :) you've got some good ones. i also like how you illustrated your list. beautiful!

    "To see far is one thing; going there is another."
    ~ Constantin Brancusi

  2. Thanks Michelle-your kind words made my day. :) I'm hoping to get a few more of my items "colored in" over the holidays. I'm looking forward to seeing your list!

  3. You have motivated me more in the past ten minutes than I have been all year! I've become addicted to your FB page and now your Blog! I cannot wait to go tomorrow and pick up some new canvas and make my very own list just like this! I'll be 30 in a year (Aug 9, 2012) and I think that this will be a wonderful wonder wonderful thing to help me grow! Thanks for the inspiration. It was so needed!

  4. I'm so happy you are motivated by my list- it has really helped me reach for things & grow in unexpected ways. I would to see yours when it is finished if you are comfortable sharing. Thanks so much for your kindness!