Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quote of the Month:Louis Pasteur & the baby steps

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” –Louis Pasteur

It turns out that taking a million teeny tiny steps in the right direction will pay off. That’s the thing about baby steps. They are tiny. So small, in fact that you occasionally feel as if you aren’t moving at all & you will never make it around the curve because the movement seems so imperceptible… but that makes it all the more exciting when you arrive at a goal. Even a small one.

Historically, I have been the person who would automatically imagine all of the things that could go wrong. Don't believe me? Read this. As my creative life has grown I’m working my way out of that. One baby step at a time.

With each positive creative thing that happens in my life, whether it is finishing a new project, getting another pet portrait commission, my new job at Painting with a Twist, or selling something on Etsy, I see how having my “head on straight” has pushed me in the right direction. Just in time to make it around the corner & bump into my new friend, Chance.

Hi there... I was just talking about you.

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