Monday, July 25, 2011

A mostly done 'to do'

The last two Mondays I have been blogging about a list of projects I need to finish- here is another update:

1. Commissions- 3 of the 4 are finished. The only one left needs some grass painted around the dog & the plaid border. Yeah, I said plaid border. These will be featured over the next few weeks as ‘Feature Art Friday’ posts.

2. Birds for Etsy- Listed on Etsy & shown here as well.

3. Family Tree for Etsy- listed here. I’m excited about this because it will make a very unique gift for people. I’d like to do others in different styles to add at some point… maybe on a different to do list!

4. Ron & Ralph prints- I really have to get busy on these this week. I only have 7 days left until I risk being pelted with tomatoes.

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