Monday, July 11, 2011

How good is your aim?

Lately I have fallen victim to my habit of getting almost finished with things & then moving on to the next project. The last time this happened I posted a “To Do” list on the blog & suddenly found the focus to finish everything. It turns out that publicly posting a list seems to light a fire under me- maybe it is the potential for heckling, should I fail to complete it or it could be the aforementioned fire. As long as it works, I’m not going to question the rationale. So prepare a crate of tomatoes & start marking the days off your calendar. I may soon be giving you a prefect outlet for any pent up anger you have been carrying around.

So here it is… in no particular order:

1. Commissions- I’ve been working on 2 dogs, 1 cat & 1 pig (no, I’m not kidding) since mid-June. I need to have these all completed in the next 2 weeks. The pig will be finished this evening, with the cat running a close second. I’m halfway done with one dog & the other one is barely started. If I don’t report back two weeks from now that these are done, someone please throw rotten tomatoes at me.

2. Birds for Etsy- There is basically an entire flock of birds living in my art cabinet… cut from MDF, primed, painted, photographed, edited… I just haven’t listed them on Etsy. It seems mean of me- I’m sure they would prefer to be living on a wall in a house than in my art cabinet. I hope they aren’t afraid of the dark. Now that I write this I feel really bad. This needs to happen pronto. I’m giving myself until Friday on this one. Get the tomatoes ready & get your arm warmed up.

3. Family Tree for Etsy- Making the family tree for baby Gemma was so much fun, I decided to make a (much smaller) version to list on Etsy. It is also completed & photographed, I just haven’t listed it yet. I think these will make great gifts for weddings, new babies, adoptions…

4. Ron & Ralph prints for Etsy- These started as doodles, just me daydreaming about them. The first set are Ralphie waiting for dinner (so predictable), Ralphie doing yoga, Ron Burgundy playing in a potted plant (also predictable) & Ron taking a bath. The last one is my favorite- mainly because he is wearing a polka-dotted shower cap. Because a cat’s reaction to water in his ears would never be pretty. These are finished & scanned but need a good bit of digital editing. I LOVE them & can’t wait to see what they look like finished. I’m “painting’ the digital editing on my ipad with a stylus. So. Much. Fun. This will probably take until the end of the month… hopefully you will not have used all of your tomatoes on my by then.

So that’s the list & the approximate completion dates. Thanks in advance for your willingness to “assist” me with this process. Hopefully I won’t need it.

By the way- I probably should have asked this earlier… how good is your aim?

Image: Carlos Porto

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