Monday, July 18, 2011

Halfway done 'to do'

Remember my 'to do' list from one week ago? Here is an update...

1. Commissions- 2 of the 4 are finished & delivered- the cat & the pig are currently living in their new homes. One dog is about half-finished & the other is much closer.

2. Birds for Etsy- Listed here. Hooray!

3. Family Tree for Etsy- This is the only one of the 4 items I haven't made any progress on, but I still have a little time.

4. Ron & Ralph prints for Etsy- One is almost finished & I have 3 left to edit in this series. They are going to be so cute.

So the magic of the public 'to do' list seems to be paying off- which is great because I have made some amazing purchases at the flea markets recently & I have a really itchy spray-painting finger right now. I can't wait to get those projects done & share them with you. I know, I know... one thing at a time.

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