Friday, November 4, 2011

Feature Art Friday: A rat terrier in a tutu

Meet Ladybug. Isn't she cute with her tutu & her pearls?
She's not actually dressed for the ballet, it's her wedding attire.
Not for her wedding, for the wedding of the person she owns, who happens to be a vet.
Ladybug was a member of the wedding party.
Here is a quote from the friend who commissioned the art as a wedding gift:
"Ladybug routinely accompanies Dr. Kim to Chenal Valley Animal Hospital & spends her days patrolling the clinic's hospital area, where she is always on duty & takes seriously her job to represent the clinic & of course to assist Dr. Kim as necessary."
I'm told that a dog named Muttley was also on hand (on paw?) to represent the groom's family, the matron of honor brought her 3 dogs & the minister was accompanied by his German Shepherd.
Sounds like my kind of wedding.


  1. Great one. Enjoyed seeing the progression.

  2. Thanks Ann Marie... I have a hard time remembering to stop & take a photo sometimes. Glad you liked it.