Monday, November 7, 2011

10 (more) things that make me feel better

You may wonder why, for the second time in 6 months I'm sharing a list of things that make me feel better. Maybe I seem like a very sad pitiful person, but I'm really not. I just really tend to feel things a little too deeply & to carry them with me a bit longer than I should. It isn't a matter of "dwelling" on things... I just keep feelings around longer than I should. But honestly, this list isn't even for me- it's for 2 friends of mine, who don't even know each other. Both are dealing with scary & brave choices in their lives. And if that combination of emotions doesn't call for some Stevie Wonder, well then I don't know what does.

Much like the last list, some are explanatory & some are not:

1. which led me to You really can't completely lose faith in humanity while there are people like this in the world.
2. Being at home.
3. Warm gooey cookies- chocolate in general makes anything better, but warm cookies right out of the oven, preferably not completely cooked all the way... yum.
4. Watching a funny movie- especially with someone who will actually laugh out loud. Doesn't everyone know someone with a wicked laugh? Someone with one of those laughs that gets your table wistful & curious looks in restaurants, because everyone wants to sit with your friend... the one with the great laugh.
5. Stevie Wonder- as a preschooler I danced around the living room to Stevie Wonder eight-track tapes. Yeah, I said eight-track.
6. Doodling- I'm sure a scientist could explain to me exactly why mindless doodling makes me feel better, but I don't really care why- I just know it works... but only if there is no effort or expectation involved.
8. New art supplies- there is just something optimistic about unopened art supplies. What will they be when they grow up? Who knows... the possibilities are almost endless.
9. Hot bubble baths
10. Belly-laughing babies- if you don't believe me, go to youtube & search laughing babies. or laughing children. I heard a child laughing in a very I-have-completely-lost-control way on Sunday & I smiled as I walked by into the store.

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