Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ron Burgundy & the Christmas Tree

Ron Burgundy appears to have a giant crush on the holidays.
It's actually the decorations he is crushing on, although I doubt he would turn down a turkey leg if someone was offering.
He seems particularly amorous of the 9 foot tall tree that appeared in his living room, covered in ribbon & sparkly cat toys. Dreams do come true.
I wonder, if during his first Christmas when he would occasionally stop by (we thought he lived with the neighbors) if he would peer in our window & dream of being close to that big sparkly tree. He was often uninterested in the food we offered- preferring a pat & a snuggle.
I'm so thankful we figured out that he was looking for a place to live.
Sometimes he sits up on top of the rail & watches me look around for him, although he occasionally does a better job of hiding from me... in the laundry basket (when it is empty or full), in the closet or behind a curtain. 
I won't have to look too far for the little guy for the next few weeks, will I?
This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for... my family, my friends... but a special thank you to all of you who find space in your heart & your home to rescue homeless animals like Ron Burgundy. Thank you!!

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