Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Lessons Learned

Just a short list of things I believe in at the end of 2011...

I believe that everything you give, you will get back. (I don't mean that the ugly vase you re-gifted will come back to you, although that might also be true.) I'm talking about the things we "give" without thinking... whether it is love & encouragement or a nasty attitude & a bad cold, it's all coming back- sometimes sooner than we think.

I believe a good night of sleep can't be replaced with the consumption of copious amounts of caffeine, although I also believe in coffee. Just not as a replacement for sleep.

I believe I can actually trust my inner voice. Now that we are on speaking terms.

I believe you should always remember where you came from, even if it is only so you can see how far you've come.

Finally, I believe that there is always "enough" in my life. Maybe just barely, but there is enough. Enough time, enough patience, enough cream for that coffee, enough tears, enough money, enough laughter & most important of all, enough love.

And that last one make me feel more than enough gratitude. 

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