Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY: How to make a homemade bow

My Aunt Melba taught me to make homemade bows when I was a teen & I still enjoy making them for my holiday packages each year... especially when I find a big sale on ribbon at Michael's. :) 

To make a bow with wire-edged ribbon, all you need is the ribbon, scissors & a little wire. This ribbon in 1 1/2" wide.

Step # 1: Make a loop with the end of the ribbon, about 3" from your thumb to the outside edge of the loop. (Notice there is a small end of ribbon sticking out past the center.)

Step # 2: Make another loop of the same size in the other direction.

Step # 3: Continue wrapping the ribbon over the original loops, making a total of 4 on each side. Cut the end of the ribbon leaving a little extra (1") past the middle. Squeeze the middle of the ribbon together.

Step # 4: Cut a 5" bit of wire & wrap it tightly around the center of the bow. Squeeze the wire tightly to make sure it is holding the center together.

Step # 5: Holding the bow by one end, pull the center loop out to the right. 

Step # 6: Still working on the same end of loops, pull the innermost loop out to the left while trying to protect your bow from the cat (Ron Burgundy). 

Step # 7: Pull the remaining inner loop out to the right.

Step # 8: Repeat # 5 - # 7 on other side. If your cat has stolen the roll of wire from the table, chase the cat down & retrieve it. You will need it if you want to make any additional bows. :) 

Happy Holidays!

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