Friday, January 27, 2012

Feature Art Friday: Love Always Wins

Print available here
Yes, I really believe it. So much so in fact, that this is the first art I have ever made that includes a retort for pessimists out there who might disagree with me. I can just picture someone reading the large script on the sign, then rolling their eyes, "No, it doesn't."

Yes it does. In my world anyway. There's no insinuation here that the world is perfect. If you knew what I did at my "day job" you would know that I have a very clear picture of the terrible homes completely devoid of anything resembling real love. But what I can say is that loving & being loved, whether by your family, your friends, your partner, your pets, kind strangers... where that kind of love DOES exist, it wins. Every single time.

Yes it does.


  1. So true! I believe wholeheartedly.

    1. Thanks Ann Marie- glad to know I have a kindred spirit who shares this thought!