Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Eureka Springs Inspiration

One of these colorful little lanterns came home with me.
There are stairs all over this tiny little town because it is perched on top of a mountain.

Spiral fire escape... the good news is you escape the fire, the bad news... you can't see straight by the time you reach safety.

I love old billboards painted on the side of buildings...

I want to meet the people who live in this house... because you have to be a memorable character to have a giant Humpty Dumpty in your yard. That's a rule right?

This is a tiny little crook where two streets meet in town- it is used as a little patio display area for one of the stores.

One of many interesting places to stay in Eureka Springs. This one doesn't have a cave in it like this one, but I'm sure it's still lovely.

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