Friday, June 1, 2012

A different sort of Feature Art Friday

How can I call it 'Feature Art Friday' when there is no photo, right? The Feature Art this week will take you to away from here- to Flora Bowley's blog. I LOVE her... which you may be sick of hearing by now. I took her e-course during its first run & it really truly rocked my world. Painting has always been fun for me, but the way she helps you find your own style with such freedom & with so few rules- it's magical. I'm telling you. Go here to see some of the art made by me & by some of the other 'Bloomers'. If I ever see her in real life I'm going to give her a hug- even if I have to chase her through an airport to accomplish this goal. Imagine that poor woman, finding herself sprinting through an airport being chased by a crazy lady shouting "THANK YOU" at the top of her lungs...

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