Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My version of relaxing

This is what happens when I decide to come home after work & sit on the couch to relax. Do you see the tiny spot in the corner of the couch where the pillows are messed up? That's where I was sitting- wadded up in a little knot, working.

I came home, changed clothes & planned to just take it easy... then I decided to do some sketching... which led to picking through books & colored papers... & sketching on those... & then getting out the xacto knife to cut them out... You see where this is going. It's a slippery slope. At some point I wondered why I was on the couch with all of this stuff strewn around- why wasn't I at the table? Oh, right... because I was planning on just relaxing this evening.

Please notice what an easy time it is for Maisy to relax... she didn't even flinch one furry white hair when the shutter clicked on the camera. At one point she was actually snoring.

Friends have asked how I can work so much- the full-time "big girl job", teaching at 'Painting with a Twist' part-time, pet portraits, the Etsy store & I have recently started repurposing furniture... the truth is that all of the art-related stuff doesn't much feel like it is work. It feels like I am doing what I enjoy & people occasionally happen to pay me for it. It's just something that makes me happy. Even if that does occasionally mean I find myself barricaded into a corner of my couch- you know, relaxing.

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