Thursday, August 19, 2010

The creativity switch

Oh, how I wish for a creativity switch some days… it would be awfully handy to be able to conveniently flip it on and off. I could probably even be talked into a dimmer, so I could just turn it down a bit when I need to concentrate on something else. 

Please don’t take this as too much of a complaint; I’m thankful to be a creative person. It just sometimes feels like I have to fight off the creative ideas in order to do my job. Not my job as an artist, the other one…the “real” one as some might say (insensitively, I might add.)

It can be rather overwhelming, having creative ideas jumping around in my head while trying to get things done- things that are very worthwhile and intellectually stimulating but require no creativity at all. It would be great if I could just shut it off temporarily.

Hence my wish for a handy little switch.

How much energy does it actually take, to keep one’s creativity at arms reach all day?

My arms get a little tired- that’s all…

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