Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Etsy Confessions

I have a confession to make.

I have neglected my Etsy store.

There, I said it.

If there is some sort of Etsy Abuse Hotline, where operators wearing beehive hairdos and cat-eye glasses sit, feverishly answering calls regarding abandoned and neglected virtual storefronts…

Someone should turn me in.

It’s so quiet in that shop you can hear the crickets chirping, and there’s no wonder why. I really haven’t made the effort to pull the weeds and water anything so it might thrive- and if I don’t care about it, why should anyone else?

There have been plenty of excuses on my part:

"I’m too busy with commissions"

"I’ve never had a virtual shop before"

"I’m a bad photographer"


Why, you might ask, am I admitting my mistakes here instead of casually lifting the edge of a rug with my toe & sweeping this guilty little fact underneath?

It’s an effort to hold myself accountable.

A public “calling out” of sorts… of myself.

You see, I have this terrible habit of researching things to death when I feel overwhelmed. I know, it sounds like it might not be such a terrible habit but trust me on this one… the research is only beneficial if at some point you hit a red light on the list making & actually start putting it all into practice. So I am officially going to stop making lists of “things to do” and I am actually going to begin to do things on the aforementioned lists. Green light….

I have neglected my Etsy store.

So there- I said it, and although my cheeks are a little pink with embarrassment, I feel better that I told you.


  1. You are too funny!!! But it will take off with flying colors when you are ready for it to!!!

  2. I really just need to suck it up & buy a fancy printer... I have lots of great ideas, but digital prints just aren't selling for me. I'm truthfully just dreading the learning curve & how unfair is it for the poor printer that we haven't even met yet & I already have bad feelings towards it?!?