Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday studio time and new pet portraits

From the top: Shelby, Sandy & Sadie
My weekend started with a visit from my family and ended at a party hosted by the juvenile judge I worked for years ago, so my studio time was limited to a few hours on Sunday. Good thing that was all I needed to complete the Sandy, Sadie & Shelby pet portraits. No, they aren’t all going to the same place with the similar names- that was a fluke. Strange, but true.

The judge and her husband have this great house; the walls are covered with brightly colored art and the bookshelves are overflowing. He is a professor & always has a couple of great book recommendations for me- I left humming with a little reading list in my head. She is one of those really supportive and encouraging people; we should all have more of those in our lives.

I used to house-sit for them and take care of their dog Jack and their cats Grace & Prudence. Jack was a golden retriever & really lived up to his breed- if I put my clothes out the night before, early in the morning he would bring my socks & push them in my face until I would get up & take him for a walk on the mountain. Their home is just one of those places with good energy- it always makes me feel very creative.

There are two new pet portraits to begin this week and four recently completed to deliver. Here are the two I’m about to start:

Calvin & Sparky- these two will be painted together on one canvas. I'm not sure yet about the background. It's a memorial gift... which always make me a little sad, but I'm always happy to deliver the completed painting & hope that it brings back some good memories of the dogs.

Meet Katie... who is very sassy with her little bow. I bet her hair gets brushed more often than mine... :)

Here is a better view of one of the commissions I finished on Sunday-I love the tangerine background I used for the painting of Shelby!


  1. Oh I love the dog with the tangerine background!!! But of course, I really love the little guy with the blue background!!! Beautiful work!!!

  2. Thanks- I love the color too, and it always helps to have such a great photo of the dog. :)

  3. Ha! Katie's hair doesn't get brushed as often as it should. Looking forward to the portrait!

  4. Well, that may be a trait that Katie and I share, Alana. At least she has the lack of opposable thumbs to blame it on. The portrait is going well, I'm sure I'll be posting a photo of it Monday in the work I do over the weekend. :)