Friday, August 27, 2010

The day my dryer threw me a surprise party

This is my mom’s cat Oscar, although she also calls him “bootie”. Notice I don’t seem surprised by this. Although my sister and I are named Sherry and Laura, we spent most of our childhoods inexplicably answering to to her when she called us Susie & Lucy. Interchangeably.

My mother thinks she is really funny. Upon her return from vacation, she mailed me a shirt and after carefully folding the shirt she added a rather large helping of confetti. You know, because she is funny.

Once just to “be funny”, when she heard my aunt coming in the door she ran down the hall & got in the floor with her legs sticking out into the hallway, so it would look like she was dead. Later, mom explained that she only had her legs sticking out in the hall because she was afraid if she was any further out my aunt might be able to tell she was laughing, and then she wouldn’t appear dead. Because she thinks she's funny.

Back to the confetti. When I opened the box & it started falling out, I took the box outside & shook it out a little and put the shirt in the laundry & forgot about it.

I didn’t shake it hard enough. Once again, I underestimated my mother… failing to notice that she had placed an equally large amount of confetti INSIDE the shirt. Imagine my surprise a few days later; when on my third load of laundry I opened the dryer just before the end of the cycle, only to be hit in the face with a fistful of hot confetti.

It was in my hair and stuck to my face.

I found some later in my bra.

That may be too much information but it is a fact.

Brightly colored confetti that says PARTY! continues to turn up around my house. I noticed something glimmering in the sun out in the driveway a few days ago & upon closer inspection saw a tiny sparkling word, telling me to PARTY! I very carefully picked it up and took it in the house, walking up the stairs to my studio where I have been collecting confetti all summer.

Why do I keep it?

Because I have my mother’s mailing address...

and I am my mother's daughter.

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