Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday in the studio and the couch pattern that won't go away

Calvin & Sparky are in the large painting. In the front row: RaeRae, Katie & Blue.
Most pet portraits I paint of two animals involve combining two separate photos together on one canvas, but not Calvin & Sparky. They are standing just as they were in the photo. It’s only happened this way one other time, when I painted Lily & Teddy last year; they are adorable schnauzer siblings. They were just puppies when they posed for the photo I used for this painting:

Lily & Teddy

The snuggly photo of Lily & Teddy as puppies can be seen here if you roll your mouse over the art. Notice the pattern in the background of the art… it’s from my friend Lynne’s couch. I liked it so it was used as a background for the painting of her shih tzus, which can be seen on my homepage. This pattern has been requested by many clients in varying colors, including the painting of Katie the Yorkie I’m finishing up this week.

Blue the cat & RaeRae the lab are in the two small paintings, which measure 6” x 6” and are about 1 ½” thick- they are chunky enough to stand on a desk, in a window or on a shelf. I’m calling this size ‘Meow Bark Minis’. Blue & RaeRae are going to Oklahoma & there are 3 more to be completed and shipped to Maryland. I’ll post more photos & information when they are finished.


  1. The painting of Katie looks so good, Sherry!

  2. I'm glad you like it- I'll be finished with it very soon!