Monday, August 9, 2010

Look-a-like cats and one-of-a-kind dogs

This weekend I finished up a couple of paintings… Cissy (grey cat with lime background) and Chip (white and tabby cat with eggplant background) are finished. I’m really close to finishing 4 others:

Sandy is a cute little one-of-a-kind dog with a blue background. One-of-a-kind is my term for “mixed breed or mutt… because they ARE one of a kind!

Shelby is also a rescue… Border Collie? That background is tangerine. Was I hungry when I picked these background colors, or what?

Sadie is the Springer Spaniel with a green background.

The larger painting hiding in the back is actually a gift for Arkansas State Representative Kathy Webb, who is a huge pet rescue advocate. That’s Chester in the pet portrait.

Look at this… I’m still pretty amazed by it… this is a photo of Cissy, one of the pet portraits I just finished.

Now look at this photo- this is our cat, Ralphie.

I don’t talk about Ralphie much on the blog, because there usually isn’t much to say… not too many interesting stories come from a cat that makes a concerted effort to burn as few calories as possible each day. He will literally leave the kitchen after eating & just hang out by the door to the litter closet until he has some business to take care of, since it is located between his food bowl & his favorite chair.

Anyway, can you believe how much Cissy & Ralphie resemble each other? Other than the little spot on her chin, she just looks a little more alert that he does… which must burn more calories than Ralphie is willing to expend.

Here’s the finished portrait of Cissy.

Ralphie’s art is on the website.

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