Friday, September 23, 2011

Almost famous & a costume contest

Check out the new photos for my sidebar. Maisy, Ralphie & Ron Burgundy will be famous. I think I might dress them up for holidays, since I had so much fun dressing up Oliver. I might dress up the photos, not the actual pets.

I shudder at the thought of trying to coax (wrestle) Ralphie, who is approximately 20 pounds of teeth & claws, into an actual costume. Let’s be real here- he knows he is in charge. I can’t tell you just how unsettling it is to wake up to a brand new day & find yourself nose to nose with a cat that size; a cat who is somehow silently communicating his willingness to cut you if you don’t open a can of Friskies pronto.

Maisy has actually worn a costume or two but she didn’t wear them well. The last time I bought her a costume she was a pirate (made of stone, apparently) for approximately 30 seconds. She didn’t move a muscle until I took the costume off & then she left the room in a huff. She was also a pumpkin, for the amount of time it took to take a photo & then it was over. At that point I promised her to never embarrass her like that again & I haven’t.

Ron Burgundy is a mystery… as is often the case with cats. There was one unfortunate incident with a little Velcro kitty bow tie, which somehow caused him to have invisible springs in his feet, causing him to spontaneously leap straight up repeatedly in a really alarming, gravity-defying sort of way. He chilled out as soon as I matched the rhythm of his leaping well enough to remove the tie, but he immediately took it from me & left the room with it hanging from his mouth. I’m not sure what happened next- all I know is that he went up the stairs with the bow tie & came down without it. We haven’t seen it since.

Any suggestions for Halloween costumes for the sidebar photos? If you come up with the best idea, I'll also dress up a photo or your pet & showcase it on my blog sidebar & the Meow Bark Art Facebook page. Please leave your costume ideas in a comment on the Facebook page. Ask your friends to "like" your comment to vote for your idea.

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