Monday, July 26, 2010

Anticipation and the paint brush thief

This is Ron Burgundy. If there is such a thing as anticipatory stardom, he has it. There have been lots of anticipatory feelings around here this weekend… not much painting but lots of anticipation.

Here, Ron Burgundy anticipates the opportunity to steal his favorite paint brush, which he hopes to spirit away to some corner where he can contentedly chew on the bristles in peace. I feel quite certain that he spends at least part of each day thinking about this paint brush. Ron has good taste and unfortunately only goes for the best paint brushes, so the door to the studio stays closed when I’m not in there. I’m contemplating buying him a paintbrush of his very own for Christmas. This will be more likely to happen if he stops causing property damage in my house, which does not lead me to have warm and fuzzy feelings about him. Today’s score: Ron Burgundy 1, ficus tree 0.

Friday, there was anticipation surrounding a book that finally arrived from Amazon… ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin. I’ve been reading her blog for months and finally treated myself to the book. There were two avid readers in my office when the book arrived and when I opened it, everyone put down their coffee and applauded. That’s what we bookish types do when a cool new book enters the room. We cheer for it and pass it around and someone reads random bits aloud. If books had self-esteem, this one should be feeling pretty good about itself right now.

The weekend started with a surprise party, where anticipation almost seems to hang in the air- as if you should be able to reach out and touch it & there actually be something there to feel. The party was for ‘Gram’, the grandmother of one of my friends. Gram is unbelievably creative- I really wish I had known her my whole life. Here’s a direct quote, “I recycled before recycling was cool.” Priceless. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Next came the anticipation of a car purchase. It wasn’t a car for me, but because I was along for the ride, I’m claiming vicarious anticipation.

Lastly, I have felt lots of anticipation surrounding ‘Art Week 2010’. If you are wondering why I gave it a title (albeit a boring one) with the year in it, that is to encourage me to make an annual event of it. A friend asked me Saturday, with a twinkle in her pretty blue eyes if I would be posting photos of what I work on this week. Why yes… I will. Now who is feeling the vicarious anticipation?

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