Friday, July 23, 2010

Wesley: A yorkie, a palm tree and decision-making envy

I met the person owned by Rosieday in the parking lot of an art supply store to deliver the completed art. It didn’t surprise me that Lili drove a teeny tiny convertible because she loves the beach, and I immediately had a mental image of Rosieday in the passenger seat (buckled in, of course), with the top down. Maybe on the Pacific Coast Highway, miles away from a rainy parking lot in Arkansas. Lili reported that she was taking the pet portrait immediately to show her friend Charlotte… who loves the beach as much as Lili and, as I soon learned is clearly a very well-organized dog person.

By the time I made it home with a load of canvas an hour later, I had an email from Charlotte inquiring about commissions for a Christmas gift. She not only attached photos of each dog, but she also knew exactly what she wanted each dog doing in each painting.

In less than one hour, Charlotte found her favorite photo of each of the dogs, looked at my website, decided on sizes, chose backgrounds, decided what each dog should be doing and emailed me.

Did I mention that there were 4 dogs?

I am still somewhat astounded at her ability to make such quick artistic decisions, or any decisions for that matter. Seriously. I’m overwhelmed when I have more than three options for anything, including what to order for dinner in a new restaurant. You should have seen me when it was time to buy a house. Charlotte clearly has my respect with her snap decision-making on the art.

I think I hear the Jimmy Buffett music cranking up again.

Back to the art supply store for more canvas.

To see a photo of the pets featured on my blog or other pet portraits, please go to my Meow Bark Art website.

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