Friday, July 30, 2010

Art week day 4: juvenile probation and top-heavy hearts

Yes, I know it’s upside down. No, it isn’t supposed to be.
Yesterday I used up all of the profanity at my disposal, and I know lots of profane words. I used to be a juvenile probation officer. Hormone-riddled, angst-filled teens taught them to me, occasionally offering compound versions to which my response, “I know what those mean separately, but what to they mean when hyphenated?” was not met with any appreciation. I often thought that many of those kids had a much better grasp on the English language that given credit for… it was no easy feat to make complete sentences from profanity, conjunctions and punctuation. That’s pure talent, my friends.

So when I tell you I used up all of my ‘grown up words’ you now understand the gravity of the situation. It turns out that little homemade clay hearts are top-heavy. (Of course they are. Stupid hindsight.) I’m sure there is a fantastic metaphorical life lesson here, but I couldn’t be bothered with it after discovering that none of the seven little hearts I made have any interest in facing heavenward.

I had fun making the shadow boxes, even though it is 100 degrees outside this week.

six little top-heavy hearts...

I love the sea turtles!

Lori, here is the cat photo I promised you. :) I said yesterday the cat had stripes, I suppose these qualify more as swirls.

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