Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art week day 2: hearts and mud pies

I allowed myself to forget how much I loved taking my first pottery class until I started playing in this air-dry clay on Monday. Making something beautiful from a blob of mud is so satisfying and the act of squishing the mud in my hands makes me feel like a kid again. Mud pies anyone?

This project with the hearts is making me happy- it’s one of those that began as a small idea and has grown exponentially. Just wait and see- I suspect these will get gradually more meaningful and complex.

The art with the birds is an effort at mixed-media collage. I only know enough about this process to be dangerous at this point… it has been a learning process and the next one will occur in a different order. The subject matter is cool- I like that the birds are in flight.

The method of paint application used for the sea turtles is new to me and I could use some practice. It comes from the book ‘Acrylic Revolution’, which is an encyclopedia for acrylic artists. I could write an entire post on this book- I’ll make a note of it when I use it for something in a project.

There are two other projects I started this week- I’m starting my very first ever art journal. I have all of the pages ‘watercolored’ and I’m getting ready to start the collage and edge treatments.

There is also a cat painting… NOT a commission, just a random white cat with multi-colored stripes.

The commissions are still hiding under a blanket in the hall. :)

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