Friday, January 21, 2011

Feature Art Friday: Polly & the repeat customer award

My friend Joanne, who is an amazing pet rescue advocate has ordered a painting from me for her best friend, herself, her son & now her mother & father-in-law. I've had one other person order four paintings, but they were all ordered at once & they were all her dogs. Joanne orders them for everyone she loves, who also happen to love dogs.

We actually meet at the same place each time I finish a painting & have it ready to deliver. It cracks me up when I email & tell her I have her art ready & she says, "ok, meet you at the usual place?" She ordered some magnets from me once & because I was out of the magnet backing it took longer than usual for me to finish them. I tried to give them to her for free because she had to wait so long & she refused... & made a donation in my honor to 'Out of the Woods". So sweet. By the way, how beautiful is this dog??

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