Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A snow day & a snow cat

Snow isn’t a frequent occurrence in central Arkansas. It happens often enough that it isn’t a huge shock but seldom enough everyone gets very excited about it. It usually isn’t very deep so it isn’t around long, which makes it a nice treat.

Winter “weather events” here are more likely to be ice storms, which are really no fun at all. Snow, in the small amounts we see… that’s fun. (Unless you need something from the grocery store, then it’s a feverish crowd of otherwise sane people making crazy eyes & loading up their shopping carts with milk, bread, meat & eggs.)

Ron Burgundy pouted & watched from the back door. Don’t feel too sorry for him- he’s pouting with warm dry feet & a bowl of cat food, which is much more than I can say for his experience with the snow last year before he moved in with us!


  1. That's about like Katie. She hates the snow and hates it getting on her fur and messing it up. What a diva.


  2. Katie is a smart dog- Maisy, who hates the rain, LOVES the snow! Um. Maisy... it's still water, just frozen!