Monday, January 31, 2011

Warm enough

I needed to finish painting flowers on a pet portrait but it has been so cold outside that I was having a hard time motivating myself to paint lush green grass & flowers. The dogs in the painting were finished, two very happy Springer Spaniels. Of course they were happy- I’d be happy too if I were sitting outside in a flower garden on a beautiful day… but it's January in Arkansas. This would be unlikely. Or would it?

On Saturday morning, something wonderful happened; just 3 short weeks after this it was WARM outside.

Warm enough for a walk by the river with my favorite dog & my favorite person.

Warm enough to wear flip-flops to yoga.

Warm & sunny enough for the solar lights on the deck to wake up & shine for a few hours in the evening before going back into hibernation..

And yes- even warm enough to make me smile as I finished painting the flowers.

The Springer Spaniels will be featured in a 'Feature Art Friday' post in a couple of weeks.

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