Friday, January 14, 2011

Feature Art Friday: Turbo & the magic spell

My head is a little cobwebby today from a cold I’m trying to outrun, a cold that seems (oddly) to be in better shape than I am. Or maybe it just has better running shoes, I don't know.

For ‘Feature Art Friday’ I wanted to share this pet portrait with you- his name is Turbo & he was commissioned by my dog groomer, Kim Thompson for her daughter. Kim’s daughter also works at Pinnacle Valley Animal Hospital so we had to be very covert about the whole thing.

My Maisy is a rescue dog (of course…) & she was very timid when she first came to live with me. I was actually just supposed to be fostering her for a local rescue organization but I got awfully attached to her because she was so fearful of new people & places. Knowing this about her made it a huge surprise for me that she very clearly fell in love with Kim, who was not only a stranger, but a stranger who works in the V-E-T’s office.

Anyway, Kim has put some sort of a magical spell over Maisy & I won’t let anyone else near her for grooming. It’s probably a good thing… if I tried she might pack up a little “doggie bag” & hitch a ride to find Kim.

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