Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A yorkie & a bakery

As an artist, the ultimate compliment is having someone order another painting from you. It means that they not only loved their pet portrait, but they loved it enough to want to share it with someone else. I really thought nothing could be better than a repeat client... but I was wrong. Want to know what is better than a repeat client?

Here is the pet portrait of Simon, the first painting I did for David & Patti Stobaugh. Patti has it hanging in her new PattiCakes Bakery in Conway, Arkansas.

A repeat client who gives you an ENTIRE case of Stoby’s cheese dip.

Here it is- my case of cheese dip. Here is "was" I should say...
Yes my friends, that happened. After I delivered a pet portrait of Simon the rescue dog to David & Patti Stobaugh in October I wrote this post about the painting & how much I loved the cheese dip they serve at their restaurant. At some point after that, Patti contacted me about painting her mother’s dog, Tuffy. I had forgotten about the blog post. She, very sweetly had not, and as I stood in her bakery smelling all of the heavenly sweets she came in the door grinning from ear to ear & carrying a box of cheese dip. She was very pleased with herself, but not nearly as pleased as I was.

This is the second painting. Tuffy will be featured in a Feature Art Friday post soon with 'in-progress' photos.
It was a big thrill to be there when her mom stopped by the bakery & she got the painting of Tuffy- she loved it. It’s very clear that he is a lucky little dog.

Me? After spending most of the weekend with what was (briefly) an entire case of Stoby’s cheese dip, I can’t really button my pants very well... but I have a LOT of good cheese dip. I have become very popular with my friends.

By the way, if you are wondering about the sweets in the bakery they are amazing. I had some chocolate chip cookies & my only complaint is that I only bought two for the drive back to Little Rock. After all, I've seen the magic those two can do on cheese dip... Two cookies? Really? What was I thinking?
Check out this beautiful cake... now THAT is art!

More goodies in the bakery case


  1. sherry, thank you for stopping by my blog! i like your idea of titling the first page like that! it makes me think of bridget jones and how she signed her book "the diary of bridget jones" and then crossed it out and put "bridget jones' diary" or was it the other way around? anyways it was good to hear from you.

    just want to tell you also that i love how much you appreciate your clients. that is such a great emotion for you to express. your work will always be loved!

  2. That's so funny- I don't remember which way it went in the movie but that's a great comparison. I do love my clients & I especially love getting to hear the stories about their dogs & cats. Thanks for your kind words.