Wednesday, December 29, 2010

36 things list: Thanks Santa!

I was either a very good girl this year or Santa was not paying very close attention because I got a sewing machine for Christmas! There was, however an almost instant flashback to childhood & the experience of getting a fantastic present that doesn’t travel well just before leaving town for the holidays. Sewing machines are clearly not travel-friendly gifts but I DID take the instruction manual with me to look at on the plane. No joke. You should have seen the way the woman in the next seat was looking at me.

There is a commissioned pet portrait due Friday that must be completed before I play with my new toy, but it is KILLING me for it to sit there & stare at me while I paint… good thing I am painting a VERY cute dog!


  1. yay! congratulations on your sewing machine AND being able to mark something on your list!!! can't wait to see what wonderful items you stitch on that new machine :)

  2. Thanks Michelle- when I saw your post on the little monsters you made I almost lost my mind wanting to sew! I just finished the last pet portrait & I have lots of sketches so hopefully I'll have something tangible to post soon. :)