Friday, December 24, 2010

Feature Art Friday: Gracie the Poodle

This pet portrait was one of the last commissions I finished for the holidays- I'm posting it on Christmas Eve because the gift-giver was so happy with it that she gifted it early. (I love it when that happens) Here's the crazy thing... when I initially saw the photo of this dog I gasped, because this little dog Gracie looks so much like another poodle I knew named Daisy. I wish I had a photo of her to show you. Daisy lived a good long healthy life but I still miss her- I thought about her the whole time I worked on the painting of Gracie.

I hear that Gracie is just as spoiled as Daisy was, which made me feel a bit better about missing Daisy. It always makes me smile to hear about a dog or cat who is loved & appreciated!

Happy holidays!

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