Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meeting myself coming & going

I'm meeting myself coming & going these days- half the time not even knowing which direction I should be facing. This is probably the reason I felt a little sad for this bus facing backwards on a trailer. He looks a little dejected, doesn't he? Who could blame him... he can't see where he is going or exactly how he is getting there.

If he had an address I would send him a postcard telling him that he isn't alone... right know I know just how he is feeling.

There are lots of great creative ideas rolling around in my head & not much time to see to them this close to the holidays with my full-time job, Christmas decorating, shopping, family obligations & the commissions I'm working on but I'm still thankful for ALL of it. It will all get taken care of, one way or another. In the mean time, I'll just try to keep heading in the right direction.

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