Monday, December 6, 2010

Flying cats & friends in pet rescue

Last year I got a jig saw for my birthday & immediately felt the need to make some dogs & cats, most of which have wings & are wearing jewelry. (Does this happen to anyone who gets a new power tool? Just me? Okay…) I had so much fun making these colorful wall sculptures; I get really excited when I sell one. A few have sold at pet rescue events and I just sold my second one on Etsy- it was the orange one pictured above. I have a few others to list this week & then it will be time for the next litter.

The customer who bought it took the time to write me a nice note thanking me for being involved with pet rescue. It made me smile to know that this busy person whom I have never met, this woman who is probably very busy with the holidays & her family took the time to say something kind to a stranger in life but friend in pet rescue. It turns out that she has not one… not two… but THREE rescue cats!

So let me say this… thank YOU Julie, for having a houseful of rescue cats. I hope you enjoy your purchase as much as I enjoyed your kind words!

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