Monday, December 20, 2010

36 things list: Try something new

On Saturday afternoon one week before Christmas while everyone hurried around to buy last minute gifts & mail packages to friends & family far away, I tried something new… ice skating.  The city of Little Rock set up an ice skating rink in the River Market; complete with a hot chocolate stand & Christmas carols being piped in over loud speakers.
Please notice that I am hanging on for dear life, while Kat casually leans on the rail.
We borrowed a six-year-old, under the misguided notion that children seem to pick up these sorts of activities more quickly than adults, so she might be able to drag me around the rink. What I did not anticipate was her desire to take down an adult with her each & every time she fell.
I laughed until I cried & had to gasp to catch my breath.

I laughed until strangers stared at me as they whizzed by me on the ice.

I laughed until I had to bend over & hold my stomach, which is quite a commitment when standing on thin steel blades on a sheet of ice. 

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